What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

So, I totally stole this from my boss. But you know those good sermons or talks that are just so good it’s too good not to share?! Today, I wanted to share some of his wisdom with you guys. If you really enjoy today’s post you should definitely hop over to his blog & gain some more wisdom! 

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

Who do you think of when you think of being a servant?

Jesus (naturally!)

Mother Teresa

Your neighbor across the street

Your friend who’s always there for you whenever you need her

What servant characteristics do you see in those people? What do they do that makes you think of them when you think about being a servant? We all strive to be good servants. We are called to serve others. In small ways & in big ways. But what does it truly mean to be a servant? What does it look like in our every day lives?

A servant is always observant

A true servant pays attention to the sad faces, the nervous ticks, those emotions hidden behind someone’s eyes. Being a servant means that you are ever so aware of what’s going on around you & you act accordingly. You see that person sitting in the corner amongst a large crowd & you go out of your way to say hello. You notice that your neighbor’s gutters have been leaking when it rains, so you clean them out. You notice the tired mama in church & you take her kids out for ice cream afterwards. 

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

A servant always thinks of how to make things better

A true servant is a bit of a perfectionist. They’re always seeking to make things better. Yeah, they could do things the usual way & be done, but a true servant always seeks out how to make things better. Children’s Bible Class at your church is always done this way, but you think of a way that’s more exciting and engaging for the kids. The church picnic is always done that way, but you think of a way to really get families talking and fellowshipping with one another. 

A servant always puts themselves last

A true servant always makes sure that others get served before they do. They’re the ones you see at the back of the line allowing others to skip them. They’re the ones that give up their jacket on an icy cold day to a homeless person on the sidewalk. They think of how they can serve someone else before they think about how they can serve themselves. 

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

A servant is always thoughtful & ready

A true servant remembers the small days & big days. They remember that your dad was sick two weeks ago, and ask you about how he’s doing on Sunday. They remember your birthday & send you a card in the mail. They’re always ready to celebrate, cry, laugh, & listen when you least expect it. When my dog Milo was sick, it always meant so much to me when people would ask me how he was doing. 

A servant takes initiative

A true servant does things before they’re asked. They see things that need to be done & they go ahead and do them. They take people by surprise by what they’ve already done. They see that tables need to be set up, so the go ahead and get that task started. They see that no one is manning the sign up table, so they step in. 

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

A servant does the little things

Nothing is too small for a person with a truly servant heart. They open doors. Wipe down countertops. Play with the kids. It’s the small things that can make all the difference and a servant knows that. 

A servant doesn’t just do what they are supposed to do

“Well that’s not my job”…. “I don’t do that kind of work” ….said no servant heart EVER! A true servant takes out the trash even though it’s not their responsibility. They are all in, no matter what the job may require. If someone can’t do their job, they are willing to take their place whatever the job may be. 

A servant goes the extra mile

A true servant is all in. They go the extra mile & give 110%. They serve as if they’re getting paid good money to do it! They put their whole heart into what they’re doing and hold nothing back. If someone asks for a ride, they give that person a ride, but not without taking them out to dinner, as well. If someone needs a mattress, they provide the sheets, blanket, & pillows, too!

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

I always strive to be a better servant to those around me. But I really need to be better at it! This list has been a perfect reminder for me to think & act on. 

What ways have you been serving those around you?


  • coreytrevathan

    great words Lauren! you exemplify what a true servant is in so many ways!

  • http://www.rachelkathrine.com Rachel Kathrine

    Beautifully written Lauren