Watercolor Wall Art

Watercolor Wall Art

I just don’t know what to do about my bedroom. I’m satisfied with the decor in my living room. My dining room is cute & unique. My craft room is so me. My kitchen is just the way I like it. But my bedroom….it’s just meh. I dream of a day that my bedroom can look like one of those rooms you get inspired by on Pinterest or HGTV…but my room just looks…meh!

Yeah, I’ve got some cute things, but the decor just doesn’t flow or give me the sense of “Ah, it is finished,” like the other rooms in my apartment. I’ve been taking baby steps towards my dream room,  like sprucing things up with a colorful quilt that I absolutely adore. But it’s all a work in progress. 

My next step is doing something with those walls. They just so bare & lonely. So, today I thought I’d share a simple craft with you so we can spruce up our walls together. And since watercolors are all the rage today, I thought why not make some watercolor wall art to give our walls the color that they need & deserve. 

Let’s get crafty!!

Watercolor Wall Art

What you’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper (cut down to size)
  • Frames (I got my from Ikea)
  • Liquid Frisket
  • Paint Brushes (precision tip & wide tip)
  • Watercolor palette
  • Cup of water
  • Paper towel (…just in case!)

Ready. Set. Craft!

Watercolor Wall Art Watercolor Wall Art Watercolor Wall Art Watercolor Wall Art

  1. Start out by prepping everything. Cut your paper down to the size you need for your frames. Pull out plenty of paper towels if your prone to accidents and/or mess ups. And grab a glass of clean water…and maybe a nice glass a wine since you’re already in the kitchen! 
  2. Once you’re all set, you’re going to take your precision tip brush & liquid frisket and write out whatever you want on your pieces of paper. I chose different words that remind me of my relationship with God. But you don’t have to write something. Draw something if that suits your fancy. 
  3. Allow the liquid frisket to dry for 5-10 minutes. 
  4. Choose your colors & paint the entire piece of paper. Make sure you get those crevices between the dried liquid frisket as well. This was my first time playing with watercolors so I’m sure my technique could use some improvement. I should have gone here first before I started!! 
  5. Once your paint is dry, it’s time to peel off the liquid frisket and be amazed. When peeling, make sure your don’t peel upwards or away, but at an angle. 
  6. Now go stick those babies in a frame & brighten up your walls with watercolors & inspiration!! 

I love this craft so much because it’s always a good idea to put a bit of encouraging notes to yourself around the house. 

What words would you like to have hung above your head?

  • http://www.clementinecreative.co.za/blog Carmia Cronj√©

    Ooh, your print looks great! Thank you for linking to my roundup post also :)

    • GraceFaithGlitter

      Thanks!! Your post was fabulous!! Just wish I had read it beforehand. But there’s always next time :)

  • Jessica Verdun

    Amazing I love it! Will dooooooo!!

    • GraceFaithGlitter

      Thanks :) Let’s do one together!!

  • http://www.thepugdiary.com/ Kristy | The Pug Diary

    Oh this is very cool! Such a great idea for anytime of the year.