Sparkling Peach Mint Tea

Sparkling Peach Mint Sweet Tea

It’s been a nice kind of “summer hot” these past few days. Just right for lounging around by the poolside. These kind of summer days in the South are also perfect for sweet tea (as if you need a reason for sweet tea!) I’ve never made iced sweet tea from scratch before so I thought […]

10 Spring Items I’m Swooning Over

Voluspa candles: These are by far my favorite types of candles. Their scents alone can fill up an entire room in an instant. I'm swooning over the sweet yet earthy tones of these Spring scents & don't even get me started on the beautiful floral patterns on the containers. 

I know I must sound like a broken record but I can’t help it. I love Spring!! I said it here, here, & oh yeah, here! But another reason I love Spring so much is because I feel like my favorite brands & designers bring their “A” game during the spring season. The colors, the […]

DIY Office Tea Canister

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | DIY Office Tea Canister | Make Your Own

I’ve mentioned before here & there my deep love for all kinds of tea. I’m not quite sure when this love started, but I can still remember my first cup. It was a fresh brewed cup of Jamaican Fever Tea. I’m not sure the blend & I’m not sure why it instantly made me feel […]

5 Must Have Tea Gadgets

I don’t know what it is about a hot cup of tea that just warms my spirits & gets me going in the morning. The very aroma itself gets my soul giggling. If I don’t have my cup of tea in the morning…I’m just no good! But sometimes it’s hard to get that perfect cup […]