5 Ways to Fancy-Up A Dollar (Part One)

I love giving myself a good challenge. So, this month’s challenge is to fancy up a dollar with my mad crafting skills by going to the dollar store & making those dollar store finds into something I would have paid so much more for at a Target or Home Goods. Plus what better excuse to […]

DIY Decorative Apartment Door Number

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Before I moved into my current apartment 3 years ago, I made this door wreath.  It was the perfect touch to let people know that “Lauren lives here!” I was so proud of my door wreath & everyone knew how to find my place. But it’s gotten really dingy & […]

A New Thanksgiving Tradition: Gratitude Caps

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | A New Thanksgiving Tradition | Gratitude Caps | Crafts

Last week, when I was writing out my long list of things I’m grateful for, I started thinking how I could share this exercise with my family & friends. I cannot express how much more blessed I was actually having all the things I had to be thankful for on paper, and even more blessed […]