How I Organize My Day

How I Organize My Day

I can’t remember when it exactly started or how it came about, but my love for organization started at a young age. I would organize my Barbies just so, line up my baby dolls in age order, & had notebooks with color coded tabs for every subject under the sun. I’d like to think that […]

How Much is Too Much? Decluttering Your Staple Items

How Much is Too Much

Little by little I’ve been trying to clean out & declutter my closet and dresser. It’s been quite revealing! The deeper I dug into my drawers and the depths of my closet, I started to realize that I have a whole lot of too much. On the surface I may look pretty organized, but just take a journey into […]

Must Have Items For Starting Your Spring Cleaning Off Right

  Spring is here!! Blooms are making their beautiful debut. My nose is running like a facet. The weather calls for only a light cardigan. And the sundresses have hit the racks. I love spring. It’s all about fresh starts, and you know I’m all about a fresh start! But with spring comes, the opportunity […]

New Year Budget Buys for Under $10

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | New Year Budget Buys Under $10 | Productivity

This post contains affiliate links. Feel free to click on them and thank you for your support of my little blog! We’re one week into 2015…how’s your new year resolutions going so far? Not so good? Don’t sweat it. Statistics say that 75% of Americans maintain their resolutions past the first week…so you’re in good […]

Pinterest Round Up (November 17-22)

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | Pinterest Round Up | Week of Nov. 17-22

Pinterest was so inspiring this week…but again, when is it not?! Today, I want to share with you 8 pins I loved this week in this “Pinterest Round Up!” 1. How to Organize Your Closet // My closet is a hot mess! I really need to do something about it before I officially switch to […]

5 Apps to Help You Organize Your Holiday Photos

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | Photo Storage Apps | Shoebox

Well guys, the holiday season is amongst us. Time for holiday decorating, massive amounts of cooking, ridiculous shopping, & lots and lots of captured memories through pictures. In this day & age, we rarely use an actually camera to take pictures. Why would we when everything can be done on our phones?! But no matter […]