10 Things I Didn’t See Coming In My 20s

10 Things I Didn't See Coming In My 20s

I feel like I’ve been blindsided by adulthood. So often I find myself saying, “Oh my goodness! No one told me!!” Man! Being an adult is tougher than it looks. Adulting ain’t easy! I work with teenagers and from their perspective, I’m the one that’s got it easy. And I’m like, “Oh honey! You don’t […]

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

So, I totally stole this from my boss. But you know those good sermons or talks that are just so good it’s too good not to share?! Today, I wanted to share some of his wisdom with you guys. If you really enjoy today’s post you should definitely hop over to his blog & gain […]

10 Dating Red Flags I’ve Learned to Watch Out For

  Dating can be super stressful…Well, actually it is stressful. Can I get an amen? When emotions are high, it seems like our expectations are like a roller coaster on a case by case basis. But one thing I’ve learned while dating is that I don’t like my time to be wasted. And let me […]