The Perk of Being Broken

The Perks of Being Broken

Have you ever walked through Home Depot where all the pretty planters & pots are and seen a broken pot, and kind of felt a bit bad for it? “Bless it’s heart. Now it’s never going to be bought to be enjoyed and hold a beautiful plant in it.” Maybe you don’t get that sentimental […]

May Mood Board

May Mood Board

Happy May, ya’ll!! How are you planning on making things happen this month? I was reading a post from one of my favorite bloggers, The Decorista, and she inspired me to create a mood board each month to keep me inspired, motivated, & my creative juices flowing. Great idea right?! So, let me set it up […]

InstaLove: My Favorite Instagram Users

Today I want to show some Instalove & share with you a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that I love keeping up with.  Gina | The Shabby Creek Cottage | @shabbycreek I love her Instagram account because it’s full of pretty things that inspire me to be creative & find the pretty in my everyday. […]

Mint & Gold Styled Shoot

  This photo shoot was originally featured on The Perfect Palette Blog. Check out the feature here! I don’t blog much about my life as a wedding planner, but I simply adore it. I love being able to work with brides & other industry professionals to make a couple’s dream wedding a reality. I feel like […]

Pin #2: Turning Your Dreams Into Plans

Have you ever dreamed a dream that was instantly squashed by logic , reason, & self-doubt? A dream that brought light to your eyes, butterflies in your stomach, and a warm feeling in your heart. The only kind of dream that can only be born in the clouds, in the heavens where imagination floats about […]