10 Things I Didn’t See Coming In My 20s

10 Things I Didn't See Coming In My 20s

I feel like I’ve been blindsided by adulthood. So often I find myself saying, “Oh my goodness! No one told me!!” Man! Being an adult is tougher than it looks. Adulting ain’t easy! I work with teenagers and from their perspective, I’m the one that’s got it easy. And I’m like, “Oh honey! You don’t […]

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

I get so easily sucked into the negativity of being single…. Aww I want a boyfriend Awww I want a husband to bring me flowers Awwww I want a baby to snuggle with Awwwww I want a minivan …well maybe not the minivan, but you get the idea.  Sometimes I keep these thoughts to myself, […]

A Look Inside My Purse

What’s in a purse can say a whole lot about the person that’s toting it. Don’t you agree? Today, I thought it been fun    and a little eye opening       to look inside each other’s purses & maybe just maybe get a glimpse of who we are. So here’s what I’ve been […]

Man Selfies: How to NOT Get a Date Online

Recently, I have been doing a bit of dabbling in the online dating realm. It’s not my favorite. I’ve met a few guys here and there. But no true potential. The one date I did go on was a complete and utter disaster & has literally scarred me for the rest of my life. (I […]