There’s a Gluten Free Alternative for That

Gluten Free Alternative

When I was first diagnosed, I remember eating rice for a solid few weeks because I had no idea what else to eat. Yes, there were gluten free options, but they were so expensive and way out of my budget. I remember my first gluten free grocery trip. I filled one of those small baskets […]

My Gluten Free Favorites List

My Gluten Free Favorites List

Lately, friends have been asking advice about my favorite gluten free foods, brands, & whatnot, either for a friend or just for a special surprise. But there’s always so much pressure of thinking of things on the spot! You’ve always got your list in the back of your head, but when someone asks you on […]

Jalapeno Turkey Burgers on Sweet Potato Buns

Jalapeno Turkey Burgers

I used to cook all the time, especially when I first went gluten free. I would make every little recipe I found on Pinterest & loved every bit of it! But I haven’t done that in a while. Lately, I’ve been scraping by, just barely needing to cook, to keep myself fed. But it’s time […]

Happy National S’mores Day with Gluten Free Salted Caramel S’mores

Gluten Free Salted Caramel S'mores

These days there’s a holiday for just about anything every single day & today is no exception. So, Happy National S’mores Day to all you lovely people! In celebration of this revered day, I want to share a yummy s’more treat for all my gluten free homies out there & also share one of my […]

Gluten Free Cookie Mix in a Jar

Gluten Free Cookie Mix in a Jar

You know when you get that instant craving for warm homemade cookies? It creeps up on you like a thief in the night & it’s really hard to resist. For the average person, giving into the craving is easy because all you have to do it pop in a Pillsbury ready made cookie dough sheet, […]

Battle of the Dairy Free Options

Battle of the Dairy Free

I LOVED milk when I was younger. I drank it with pretty much every meal, drenched my cereal in it, and requested it over soda any day. Milk was my elixir of life! I loved milk so much I would take those little creamer cups of half & half  and shoot it back like it […]

Confessing #LikeABoss: Confession Session Wednesday

Confess Like A Boss

Time for another round of confessions & I’ve got a few things to get off my chest. In this April edition of “Confession Session Wednesday,” I confess… One // Whilst pursuing to accomplish my Spring Bucket List before Spring comes to an end, I have strongly considered taking in a baby chick as my own. […]

10 Gluten Free Foods For Surviving a Snowmaggeddon

Last week’s Winter Storm Juno broke crazy records for the northeastern region. I can’t even imagine how cold those few days must have been for the northerners, let alone just super scary. Lately, I’ve been wishing for a couple of snow days just to get a bit of at-home time, but I don’t think I […]

Shrimp & Grits Eggy Bits

When I was little, my mom would teach me big words at a young age. One of the most used big words of my youth was “concoction.” I loved making concoctions. Both edible & inedible. Give me some ketchup, powdered sugar, honey mustard, flour, & maybe some crunchy leaves and I could give you a three-course […]

Throwback Week: Gluten Free Monday

I’m going to be real with you…. Last week was slammed packed, non-stop, no sleep kind of full. Both of my jobs had me going & going, and I had no time to come up with new posts for this week. I was tempted to beat myself up, stay up all hours of the night, & […]