8 Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

8 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a camp with a group of high school students in Panama City Beach, FL. It was pretty amazing. The worship was spectacular, the speakers were spot on & it was right on the beach. It was that week that I realized that I just can’t keep up […]

7 Ways to Pray for Your Friends

  I simply adore my friends. God has truly blessed me with a pretty stinkin’ amazing group of women. My friends come from all different backgrounds, stages of life, & ethnicities. It’s like the “It’s a Small World Ride” all up in my little friend group! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know […]

The Reality of Being In Your 20’s

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | The Reality of Being in Your 20s

No one warned me about what life would be like after college. (And if they did, they didn’t make it as big of a deal as they should have!) Sure, I had a ballpark idea, but this is definitely not what I was thinking. You know that awkward stage called Middle School where you’re not […]