It’s Fall Y’all! Fall Bucket List

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | Fall Bucket List

It’s fall y’all!! In celebration of the return of glorious fall, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and make a fall bucket list of my own. Fall is one of my four favorite seasons! Unfortunately, it’s not a long one and my list is a bit lengthy…meaning I don’t have a lot of time. […]

My favorite color is Crayola

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | My Favorite Color is Crayola | Color Inspiration

  When people ask me “What’s your favorite color?” I respond, “Crayola.” 64-count to be exact! I mean, seriously. How can you pick just one color?! God created all these beautiful colors & hues & variations of hues, I’m just too overwhelmed to pick a color. Colors┬ámake me happy. I’m so inspired by their beauty. […]