5 Secrets About Confession

5 Secrets About Confession

There’s something remarkable about confession, but also something extremely scary & vulnerable about it. The very essence of the word means to pour out something you’d prefer to stay concealed, hidden, & never to be seen again. Confession is not an easy practice but it’s a necessary one, especially in our walk with God. Even to […]

Confessing #LikeABoss: Confession Session Wednesday

Confess Like A Boss

Time for another round of confessions & I’ve got a few things to get off my chest. In this April edition of “Confession Session Wednesday,” I confess… One // Whilst pursuing to accomplish my Spring Bucket List before Spring comes to an end, I have strongly considered taking in a baby chick as my own. […]

Keepin’ It Real: Confession Session Wednesday

  Sometimes I feel like my blog is sort of a way to semi-anonymously confess about my struggles & whatnot in my life. And it’s always so encouraging when I hear back from you guys & you let me know that you struggle with the same things! (I’m glad I’m not the only weirdo!)  Lately […]