Throwback Week: Gluten Free Monday

I’m going to be real with you…. Last week was slammed packed, non-stop, no sleep kind of full. Both of my jobs had me going & going, and I had no time to come up with new posts for this week. I was tempted to beat myself up, stay up all hours of the night, & […]

5 Money Mistakes I Made Right Out of College

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | 5 Money Mistakes I Made Right Out of College | Productivity

Last week I purchased my first (financed) car. I feel like such an adult…and like a scared little baby all at the same time. Though the sacrifice was money being a bit a lot tight, I’m able to rest in the fact that I have a more reliable car that won’t cost me $300-800 in […]

Fall Looks for Less

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Lately, I’ve been perusing Pinterest in search of cute, fall outfit inspiration. I love Pinterest because the inspiration is there, but the work is in finding that outfit in your price range & at your stores. Well, today I’ve taken the guess work out of finding the look for less with three fall fashions I’m obsessing […]

How To Be Gluten Free & On A Budget

  Hearing your doctor tell you that you have to go gluten free in order for your health to improve can be confusing, scary, and point-blank, really sucky. Especially in the beginning. But trust me, it does get better. Lately, I’ve had many friends, and friends of friends, come to me about how to go […]