Taking A Blogging Break

Taking a Blogging Break

After much prayer and consideration, I’ve decided to take a little blogging break. Last week, I shared a little bit of what’s been going on in my life lately and the encouragement I’ve been getting from God’s Word. With BSF starting back up & life at work being extra crazy due to extra responsibilities being […]

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Bloggers Award

So last week I got a notification on Twitter saying that I’ve been nominated for some kind of blogger award… “Wait, what?!”  Yeah, come to find out one of my favorite health bloggers nominated me for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”  Serena of Simply Holistic Girl blog, I am simply honored by the […]

Becoming a Writer

Becoming a Writer | Grace, Faith, & Glitter

  I’m just going to put it out there… I struggled getting this last post up for this week. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or the millions of other things I had to do, but I just couldn’t get the right words flowing to cook up a good last post for the week. Yeah, […]