How BSF Changed My Life

How BSF Changed My Life

It was Fall 2011, I was fresh out of college, settling into my life as an “adult,” had a great boyfriend and great friends, and yet, I found myself in a spiritual funk. I felt like my faith had just plateaued and it wasn’t sitting well with me. So I decided to have a real, […]

Slow & Steady Spiritual Growth

June is here & you know what that means… Attempted six pack season. If you haven’t been keeping up with your New Year’s health resolution, you’re starting back up now. Working on getting those abs tight before you slip into that new bikini and take it for a spin at the beach. Day one you […]

5 Ways to Spend Quiet Time With God Each Morning

I’m a firm believer that a personal, daily quiet time with the Lord is key to growing stronger in your faith & closer to God. Laced throughout His Word, God explains to us that in order to do just that, He urges us to spend quality time with Him. I mean, don’t we do that […]

God is Enough

When attempting to follow God’s calling on your life & design a life that you love, I believe that Satan goes into over time trying to knock you off your path. Feelings of inadequacy, doubts, & fears rise to the surface that you weren’t even aware were there. That’s pretty much where I’m at right […]

Known: Signs of Jesus

I don’t mean to alarm anyone but we are 7 days away from Christmas…..Gracious! I alarmed myself! But through all this hustle and bustle with all the shopping and decorating and partying, it’s so nice to be reminded that we are 7 days from Christ’s birth. The day we’ve all been waiting for. (Well technically, […]