How I Organize My Day

How I Organize My Day

I can’t remember when it exactly started or how it came about, but my love for organization started at a young age. I would organize my Barbies just so, line up my baby dolls in age order, & had notebooks with color coded tabs for every subject under the sun. I’d like to think that […]

4 Tools for Managing Your Finances

  Today I’m doing a link up with “Chasing The Extraordinary” blog & getting in on this March No Spending Challenge.  I recently had a pretty scary financial crisis where there was more month & bills than what was coming in my paycheck. Let me tell you, that was a huge reality check that I needed […]

5 Apps to Help You Organize Your Holiday Photos

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Well guys, the holiday season is amongst us. Time for holiday decorating, massive amounts of cooking, ridiculous shopping, & lots and lots of captured memories through pictures. In this day & age, we rarely use an actually camera to take pictures. Why would we when everything can be done on our phones?! But no matter […]