Punch Your Cramps In The Face

Disclaimer: If you’re a guy, you may want to skip today’s blog post because today we’re talking about the female menstrual cycle. 

Image Source: Gallery Hip

Image Source: Gallery Hip

From the very beginning, I’ve had really sucky cramps. Like “pretty sure I’m having legit contractions” kind of cramps. Cramps that would keep me out of school for an entire week…and not in the good way! I’ve been to the doctor & they’ve done all that they can do but take out my uterus. I’ve been on every kind of birth control, every kind of pill, & for a while I was taking Midol every day just to prepare myself for the next period. For real, my periods are ridiculous! And I’m just giving you the edited version. 

Source Unknown…..but completely accurate!

Last month’s period was one of my worst one that I’ve had in a while. I was too stubborn to take off work, therefore I did my work sprawled out on the floor next to my desk. No joke! It was horrible. I seriously thought I was about to birth a child. To pass the time as I was writhing in pain & agony, I decided to distract myself with Pinterest. During my Pinterest perusing, I decided to be a little productive a look up ways to ease my pain. I was at the  point where I do just about any and everything to make the pain go away because I was so sick of the pills not really working. 

So I thought that this month, I’d share with you my findings. Some worked and some I have yet to try out. Here are 10 natural ways to punch your cramps in the face this month:

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
    If you’re not the kind of person that drinks lots of water on daily basis (like me), I recommend drinking 4 water bottles daily one week before our period & 4-5 bottles daily during your period. 
  2. Essential Oils

    Source: Homemade Wellness Blog

  3. Aunt Flow’s Soothing Salve

    Source: The Hippy Homemaker

  4. Shakti Mudra + Wide Squat

      Source: Learning Day via Tumblr

    Source: Fit Sugar

  5. Heating Pad
    This is probably not the safest thing, but I sleep with my heating pad on high every night on my period. It really helps me fall asleep when I have to go to bed with cramps. 
  6. Sip Hot Tea
    Yogi makes this really good tea called Moon Cycle that’s perfect for when Aunt Flow comes to visit. But any kind of tea with Raspberry leaves, chamomile, and/or ginger always does the trick for me. 
  7. Pressure Points in the Lower Back

    Source: Ziblie via Tumblr

  8. Take a Little Walk
    They recommend this for women in labor, which is ironic because sometimes I do feel like I’m in labor! But it totally works. Last month, I was walking around in circles around my coffee table just to ease the pain. 
  9. Good period foods

    Source: YouBeauty Blog

  10. Wide Stance Yoga Poses

    Source: Yoga By Candace

What are some of your go-to cramping remedies?