Pin #1: Georgia on My Mind



I used to think the place where I’ve felt most “at home” was Nashville. That’s the place where I thrived, “grew up”, went to college, have the most friends, found a church home on my own, and the list gets even longer. To be quite honest, if it wasn’t for my wedding planning job here in Atlanta, I would probably still be in Nashville. I mean, who can blame me? The place is one of a kind!

But lately, I’ve had Georgia on my mind! Yeah, you can complain about the traffic, the rampant trend of sex trafficking in the city, and the high cost of living, but I choose not to. I’d rather be grateful for the beautiful state parks, the many suburbs that have personalities of its own, the thousands of adventures to be had, and family & friends close by. Georgia is where I’m becoming an “adult” and becoming the woman God made me to be. Georgia is where God has placed me at this time in my life, and that is exactly why I’m calling Georgia home!

The original idea for this craft came from this blog, but I’m not quite sure if that’s the original blog it came from. So, if you know the correct link, let me know & I’ll give them the credit!!


What you’ll need:

Canvas (I used a 16″x 20″ from Hobby Lobby)



Paint Tape


Acrylic paint & paintbrush

Glittery scrapbook paper

Print out of your state (find one here)

Glue Dots (or any adhesive of choice)


Ready, Set, Go:

1. If you choose to do stripes, line up a ruler and mark lines with your pencil for perfect stripes.

2. Cover every other stripe with paint tape. Try NOT to cover the pencil marks so that you can paint over them without having to erase them. (I didn’t do this part, so learn from my mistakes!)

3. Paint the stripes that are not covered with tape. Repeat for maximum coverage!

4. While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, print off your state of choice (I went here!) Be sure to print the mirror image of the state so that it’s not backwards when you cut it out.

5. Carefully cut out the state, trace it on the back of your glitter paper, and carefully cut out that state! (Warning: Depending on the quality of the paper, you may or may not get lots of glitter on your hands!)

6. Once the paint is finished drying, remove the paint tape and giggle and the excitement of your perfect stripes.

7. I used 3-D glue dots to glue the state to my canvas to give it a little bit of a 3-D effect, but you use whatever adhesive you want. I choose to put my state smack dab in the middle, but be creative and put yours wherever you’d like.

8. Hang it up and enjoy the view!



  • Tiana Joseph

    My favorite DIY!

    • GraceFaithGlitter

      Did you finish it?? I want to see pics :)

      • Tiana Joseph

        No, lol, I keep playing with the glitter paper, but I will finish soon! And when I get a nifty new camera I will be ask over pictures!!