My Journey to Finding My “Roots”


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I don’t even know when my first relaxer was. All I know was that I was little and it smelled funny…and sometimes it burned….well, most of the time it burned. I used to think the more it burned, the more it was working. Therefore, I wouldn’t say anything to my stylist about the intense pain that I was experiencing from the chemicals on my scalp that were probably seeping into my brain. Oh, how wrong I was! This discovery was made evident by the multiple scabs, “troubled” spots, & sensitivity on my head.

I never even really considered going “natural” until I was out of college. Relaxers was all I knew! The routine was going into the salon every 5-6 weeks so that my hair could be straight and I could make it go like this {imagine me swishing my head from side to side while my hair flows luxuriously in the wind!} The thought of not being able to do that was out of the question because it wasn’t even a question. That’s just what black girls did! We get “relaxed” (So I was led to believe)

Long story short, after some convincing from my new stylist, I finally went natural in 2012. Being the scaredy cat that I am, I did NOT do the big chop like a lot of my brave sisters have chosen to do. But I did transition, and I’m happy to say that it was quite pleasant. Maybe it’s my hair type, but I didn’t go through the daily frustrations or burdens of transitioning as I was warned about. I kept expecting to be done with the process, and go back to relaxers but that never happened. It took me about a year to become completely natural with all relaxed strands tossed aside. And let me tell you….I wouldn’t go back even if relaxers became safe and made from mother earth!

I love my curls so much. I love the versatility of what they can do. I can wear them up, down, twisted, braided, straight, flowy, wavy, sassy, classy, all out fro’d , or just a’fluff and go! I LOVE MY HAIR!! I’m obsessed with my curls. To test my allegiance, one time I decided to get a sew-in as a protective style for a while, and I’ll admit it killed me not having my curls! Not saying that sew-ins are bad, I’m just saying….I missed my curls a whole lot!

But here’s my dilemma. I’m all in with #TeamNatural, but I need tips and suggestions for maintenance and fabulousness! Some days/weeks I’m looking sassy & classy with my curls….and some days/weeks I’m looking like I’ve come straight off the set of Roots! So, my Naturalistas let the suggestions, tips, & encouragement begin And while you’re at it feel free to post pics of your favorite “Fluff & Go” styles!

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