Must Have Items For Starting Your Spring Cleaning Off Right

Spring Cleaning

Image Credit: Chiot’s Run, Creative Commons


Spring is here!! Blooms are making their beautiful debut. My nose is running like a facet. The weather calls for only a light cardigan. And the sundresses have hit the racks. I love spring. It’s all about fresh starts, and you know I’m all about a fresh start!

But with spring comes, the opportunity for spring cleaning. I like to think of it as a fresh start for your humble abode. The holidays are dead and gone, there always seems to be a little bit more breathing room in my schedule, & it just feels good for me to clean. 

Today I want to share with you a few steps I take when doing my spring cleaning, and get you started with some must have items to get your spring cleaning started off right. 

Steps to Spring Cleaning

*Rule of thumb: Tackle one room/area at a time. Don’t get started on something else until you have completed that one area. This may be as quick as a few hours, or as long as a week. 

Step #1: Declutter

You have to make things messy before things can get truly clean. I like to call this step “The Wrecking Ball.” For some, this is the hardest step. Some people don’t even get past this step because they get overwhelmed by the mess, but I want to encourage you to keep going! The results are going to be so worth it. 

Step #2: Sort & Organize

There are 3 main piles you need to be making when sorting and organizing your things: Trash, Goodwill, & Keep. In that order, it should go from big to small. If your Keep pile is bigger than your Trash & Goodwill pile, you need to start over. Less is more! Once you’ve got everything sorted & organized, use bins, baskets, & boxes to tuck everything away nice, neat, & in style. 

Step #3: Deep Clean

Now it’s time to get down to business. Turn on some jams or an audio book you’ve been meaning to listen to & go to town. Take breaks every 30 minutes-1 hour, just so you don’t get too exhausted and crash in the middle of your groove. And if you’re using strong chemicals, please remember to make sure the room you’re in is well ventilated. Ain’t nobody got time for passing out and/or getting high off of cleaning solution. 

Spring Cleaning Tools:

I always make sure I’m packing when I get started on my spring cleaning. Packing as in my must have items for getting my spring cleaning started off right! Here’s the kit:

Spring Cleaning Kit

  1. Storage Bins
  2. Scrub Brushes
  3. Trash bags
  4. Bug Spray (you never know what kind of creepy crawly is hiding behind a corner)
  5. Decorative baskets & boxes for organizing in style
  6. Cleaning wipes
  7. Gloves
  8. Glass cleaner
  9. Multipurpose Cleaner
  10. Duster
  11. Floor Cleaner
  12. Air Freshener
  13. Bathroom Cleaners
  14. Mold Removal
  15. Caddy (to keep everything in)
  16. Degreaser
  17. Microfiber cloths

You should be ready to start tackling those rooms with confidence! What room in your house needs the most spring cleaning energy?