How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

We all have sucky days every now & then. I can always tell if my day is going to be sucky by what I say to God in my morning prayers. If it’s optimistic, hopeful, & loving, I’m probably going to have a pretty good day. If it’s raw, depressing, & desperate, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a sucky day! Sometimes sucky days start at the beginning and sometimes they pop out of nowhere in the middle of your day. Either way, we have one of two choices. You can stay in a funk, or you can get out of it. And let me just tell you, staying in a funk is never a fun idea!

So today I want to give you a few tips on how to completely turn around your sucky day! 

Follow puppies on Instagram

But for real….sometimes that’s all you need to quickly turn a frown upside down. If you’re not a puppy person, I’m sure there’s kittens on Instagram, too! I love to follow this little balls of fluff. They can always get a good giggle out of me :)


How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day


Let/Make yourself cry & lose control for a minute

Sometimes you just need a good cry! If you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. If you feel like you can’t cry, make yourself. Watch a sad movie. Cut up an onion. Think of something really really sad and let loose. Sometime a good sob is exactly what I need to release whatever emotions are making my day so sucky. But don’t wallow in it for too long. Let out a good cry for no more than 5 minutes & see how you feel afterwards. 

Brew St. John’s Wort

Though St. John’s Wort is not my favorite tea to brew taste wise, it is my favorite tea when I’m feeling down. St. John’s Wort is most commonly used for depression, anxiety, & the things that go along with the two. Not saying it’s a replacement for antidepressants, but ever since I’ve been off of mine, St. John’s Wort has helped me subside my depression symptoms when I feel them creeping up. Like I said, it’s not the best tasting tea in the world, so I would definitely suggest sweetening it with a little bit of honey or stevia.

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How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

Stretch it out

Yoga always makes me feel better. It allows me to breathe deeply & let loose any tension that was building up from my funk. I usually do a quick 5 or 10 minute video by Tara Stiles on YouTube and I can instantly feel a change in my mood. 

Talk to a friend

It’s always good to have someone to talk it out to. I’m so grateful to have a handful of friends who I can do this with. Don’t bottle up your thoughts and funkiness, spill it out & don’t leave anything out. Get it all out. Be honest & transparent. But be sure to only do this with someone you trust & can confide in. Don’t spew everything out on social media because social media is not your best friend! 

How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

Make a YouTube playlist for days like these

Not too long ago, I discovered that you can make playlists on YouTube! Who knew?! I specifically have a playlist called “Mama Told Me There’d Be Days Like This.” I’ve filled it with funny clips, music videos, and Kid President pep talks so that I can watch them when I’m having a particularly bad day. 

So, you tell me! How do you turn around your sucky days?

  • Jessica Verdun

    Wow Lauren, you’re a genius. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Kathryn Newbould

    I pray! Sometimes when I’m having a really bad day in the office, I lock myself in a toilet cubicle, as it’s the only place we get privacy, and I tell God everything. I tell him what I had planned to do, why it was going wrong. I praise him that I still breathe, and I ask for his help. Sometimes the order gets a bit messed up – or a lot! But that’s usually enough to calm me down and “keep on swimming”.

  • Katie

    love this!