How Much is Too Much? Decluttering Your Staple Items

How Much is Too Much

Little by little I’ve been trying to clean out & declutter my closet and dresser. It’s been quite revealing! The deeper I dug into my drawers and the depths of my closet, I started to realize that I have a whole lot of too much. On the surface I may look pretty organized, but just take a journey into my closet & you’ll see I just might be a borderline hoarder. Give it a try yourself! Get to the bottom of your drawers and you’ll see that shirt (or 6) you probably haven’t worn since last year.

I’m not saying we’re all hoarders, but why do we still have all of this stuff? Why do we keep piling and piling things to the point of our dresser drawers being impossible to close? How much is too much? Today, I thought I’d do a little experiment & you let me know if I’m being too extreme. In my attempt to declutter the staple items in my closet & dresser, I want to answer the question how much is too much.  And I want to suggest some numbers for keeping those items to a minimum.

  • Panties [18 pairs]
    This leaves me with 2 weeks of undies without having to do laundry, plus a few extra to give myself grace for those days when I’m just not quite ready for laundry day!
  • Socks [8 pairs]
    I’m not a sock wearer…at all! I’ll wear socks when I work out, but I’ll be honest, I’ll wear a pair for a couple of days before I switch out to a fresh one. But I guess for the average person, 8 pairs is fair…but I’m not sure if I even own 8 pairs (so on a personal note, it would probably be 4 for me!) 
  • Jeans [5 pairs]
    A girl needs 5 pairs of jeans. The skinny jeans for every day wear that pretty much goes with anything. The comfy jeans, because let’s just be honest, there’s a lot of days when the skinny jeans just aren’t going to cooperate. The nice jeans that you can get away with wearing at work. The light wash jeans for darker color tops & dark wash jeans for lighter color tops. Makes sense, right?
  • T-shirts [5-7]
    My t-shirt collection has become a bit ridiculous. Well…if I’m honest with myself, I’d have to admit it’s beyond ridiculous. And let me clarify, I’m not talking about blouses or nice tops. I’m talking about the every day t-shirts like the basic tees and t-shirts you got for free for going to that festival. If we’re honest with ourselves 5-7 comfy, cute tees (in a variety of colors) is all we really need.
  • Shoes (7 pairs)
    Girl, I know!! This is a tough one. If you know me, you know you can always find me barefoot…no matter where I am. But I do own a lot of shoes. A lot of cute shoes. So, trust me, I understand the separation anxiety when we think about decluttering our shoe collection. But let’s think about it. If we narrow our collection down to 7 pairs that’s: 2 heels, 3 flats, & 2 pairs tennis shoes. But of course this can vary based on the kind of girl that you are.

How Much is Too Much

Having the discipline to declutter is the first step. Trust me, I know! It’s a struggle. But if Elsa took a look at our closets, I’m sure she’d belt out “Let it go, let it go….don’t keep it in that drawer anymore!” 

Pick your favorite items and give away, throw out, or sell the rest. Living the decluttered life has it’s benefits! Items are easier to find, your space doesn’t look so cluttered, it’s easier to pick out an outfit, and something about it just makes life feel lighter. The closet & drawers are just the beginning y’all! I hope this little decluttering challenge spurs on even more challenges as you start decluttering all areas of your life. 

So tell me, as you look at my list, does it seem unreasonable? What kind of numbers would you suggest?