Pin #2: Turning Your Dreams Into Plans

IMG_0012Have you ever dreamed a dream that was instantly squashed by logic , reason, & self-doubt? A dream that brought light to your eyes, butterflies in your stomach, and a warm feeling in your heart. The only kind of dream that can only be born in the clouds, in the heavens where imagination floats about reality.

Maybe your dream is easily attained by others but seems near impossible for you. Maybe to reach your dream you have to journey through some pretty deep and dark waters. Maybe to get to your dream you have to let go of another.

Do you have that dream in mind?

It’s those reasonings that slam you into a corner with a finger pointed bringing you “back to reality.” That “reason” why your dreams seem too impossible to reach. That well thought out logic that keeps you in a corner while you watch your dream float back to the heavens.

Get up…

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if even 56% of people followed their dreams? Think of the possibilities made possible! Think of all the problems solved. All the homes filled. All of the hearts brought back to life. Do you hear the joyous laughter? Do you see those filled hands? Do you feel that warmth?

Don’t deny that smile that wants to reach your face!

Oh, for a day like that! What would it take?

What would it take?

Get up… and follow that dream. Hold your hands out high and hold on for dear life! Your dream is your dream for a reason. What is that reason? You are the only person who can make THAT dream come true.