DIY Colorful Recycling Bins

Recycling Bins

I’m not sure why, but every time I go over a friend’s house & drink a canned or bottled beverage, I ask if they recycle before I toss it out. I question myself because the majority of them don’t, but I guess it’s polite to ask just in case. I’ve never been too big into recycling myself. It always seemed more of a hassle rather than a benefit. In fact, I think the only time I got big into recycling was when I was first introduced to it in elementary school. Sad, but true! But for some random reason, I’m really starting to want to start back up & do a little good for my environment. 

I’m no granola, but I can’t help but be concerned about our poor mother earth. Poor thing can only take so much filth & when we fill her up, then what?! Go into outer space & clutter it up like the fatties in Wall-E? When I think about it, me recycling really doesn’t make that much of a difference but every little bit counts I guess. Therefore, after this post I’m going to start taking baby steps to recycle. But first, I’ve got to make some cute, DIY colorful recycling bins to motivate me to do so! 

I bought these cute plastic bins at The Dollar Tree & just used a Sharpie to label & make them pretty. Cheap & easy peasy!

Recycling Bins Recycling Bins

Baby Steps to Recycling:

Tip #1: Think before you trash
Be conscious of what you’re throwing away when you’re about to throw it away. Think “Can this be recycled?” 

Tip #2: Find a Recycling Center Nearby
Some houses have weekly, biweekly, or monthly recycling trucks come through their neighborhoods to pick up their recycling in the provided blue bins. Even some apartments complexes offer their own recycling dumpsters. But if you’re in an apartment like mine, that means you have to find your nearest recycling center to drop off the goods. There are many sites that can direct you to the nearest recycling center near you like this one…or this one!

Tip#3: Schedule Recycling Days
Once you’ve found your nearest recycling center, schedule biweekly recycling days & put them on your calendar with a reminder. That way your don’t get burned out with recycling & it gives enough time for your bins to get full (especially if your not that much of a can or bottle drinker). 

Recycling Bins Recycling Bins

Do you recycle? Tell me how you stay motivated to recycle.

  • Tiana Joseph

    I’m so happy you decided to recycle!
    In our neighbourhood trash pick up we can be charged for having more than 30lbs of trash, or something like that. Since we share a home with a larger family with an out of home business with lots of trash, my family of 2 tries to limit our actual trash to one bag a week. But we can recycle however much we want! That’s how we keep going. Plus we love our planet while we’re living on it. We have one trashcan labeled “Metal Only” because my hubs take it to a scrap yard for a little extra cash at the end of the month. We also have a trashcan for all the other recyclables which we don’t need to separate for the recycling in our neighborhood.

    • Lauren Beasley

      Sweet! What kind of metals earn the little extra cash?

      • Tiana Joseph

        Aluminum earns the most, but other metals are accepted too. It is very little cash so you got to bring a ton at a time. Your La Croix cans will come in handy after about 3 months, lol.