Confessing #LikeABoss: Confession Session Wednesday

Confess Like A Boss

Time for another round of confessions & I’ve got a few things to get off my chest. In this April edition of “Confession Session Wednesday,” I confess…

One // Whilst pursuing to accomplish my Spring Bucket List before Spring comes to an end, I have strongly considered taking in a baby chick as my own. Imagine what my life would look like as a mother of a precious baby chick! Down the road, people would be like, “Oh, there goes Lauren & her full grown hen….on a leash……with a sweater on!” 

Two // I almost died 2 weekends ago… If you haven’t heard, I attended a Gluten Free Expo. A heaven of gluten free goodies & samples I was free to snack on as I pleased…or so I thought. Fact #1: I’m allergic to peanuts. Fact #2: Just because something is gluten free doesn’t mean it won’t have any of the other 11 hundred allergens I’m allergic to. Fact #3: The day I leave my EPI pen at home will be the day I accidentally consume peanuts & almost die. Yes, it’s true. I was that girl that caused all the medical drama at the Atlanta Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo!

Three // At work I always come up with creative ways to do something. My coworkers think it’s just me being creative trying to improve how we approach ministry…but quite honestly, I’m just trying to find an excuse to craft all day at work! 

Four // Recently, I’ve gotten addicted to the Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix. I do believe it’s the best show I’ve binged on in a while! I’m such an old woman & I don’t even care. What happened to good wholesome TV like that?

Five // Aunt Flow’s last visit was one of the worst ones yet!! In my desperate state of mind, I gave myself one of two options: Take out my ovaries the next chance I get, or petition for medical marijuana for menstrual cramps in the state of Georgia. She either needs to not come at all or I need to be stoned out of my mind to survive another visit like that!

Got something you need to get off your chest today? Spill it in the comment section below!!