Taking A Blogging Break

Taking a Blogging Break

After much prayer and consideration, I’ve decided to take a little blogging break. Last week, I shared a little bit of what’s been going on in my life lately and the encouragement I’ve been getting from God’s Word. With BSF starting back up & life at work being extra crazy due to extra responsibilities being […]

The Pros & Cons of Driving a Small Car

The Pros & Cons of Driving A Small Car

I am currently on my 5th car that I’ve driven/owned in my lifetime, but I think the car I have right now is my ultimate dream car. I’m done driving around, I’ve found my “car”mate for life! Her name is Sparkles & she’s a Techno Pink 2013 Chevy Spark 2LT. I searched high & low […]

10 Things I Didn’t See Coming In My 20s

10 Things I Didn't See Coming In My 20s

I feel like I’ve been blindsided by adulthood. So often I find myself saying, “Oh my goodness! No one told me!!” Man! Being an adult is tougher than it looks. Adulting ain’t easy! I work with teenagers and from their perspective, I’m the one that’s got it easy. And I’m like, “Oh honey! You don’t […]

5 Ways to Spread Kindness During Controversy

5 Ways to Spread Kindness in Controversy

DISCLAIMER: By no means am I trying to make light of all that’s going on in our world today. I’m just completely exhausted by the social media vomit that goes on every time a news story breaks. I know we can’t fix everything with a smile & a handshake, but sometimes it’s the little things […]

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

What It Truly Means To Be A Servant

So, I totally stole this from my boss. But you know those good sermons or talks that are just so good it’s too good not to share?! Today, I wanted to share some of his wisdom with you guys. If you really enjoy today’s post you should definitely hop over to his blog & gain […]

I Found My Life When I Laid It Down (Part 3)

I Found My Life When I Laid It Down

This week I’ve been sharing with you my journal from my mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico. If you need to catch up, here’s: Part One Part Two Thursday, July 23rd Journal Entry Tomorrow we head back to the United States. Back to Atlanta. Back to our homes where we’ll have to deal with all the […]

DIY Pillows Roundup

DIY Pillows Roundup

My poor bed needs some TLC. I while back, I bought a beautiful quilt from Marshall’s and I’ve loved it ever since….despite the fact that I can’t find any pillows or shams to match it! I love pillows on my bed. Lots and lots of pillows. The pillows on my bed right now are random […]

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

I get so easily sucked into the negativity of being single…. Aww I want a boyfriend Awww I want a husband to bring me flowers Awwww I want a baby to snuggle with Awwwww I want a minivan …well maybe not the minivan, but you get the idea.  Sometimes I keep these thoughts to myself, […]

How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

We all have sucky days every now & then. I can always tell if my day is going to be sucky by what I say to God in my morning prayers. If it’s optimistic, hopeful, & loving, I’m probably going to have a pretty good day. If it’s raw, depressing, & desperate, I’m pretty sure […]

Moving Forward: One Year After a Big Breakup

Moving Forward: One Year After A Big Breakup

By no means had I planned on breaking up with him that day. I had been praying & talking to others about it, so I knew it was coming. I just wasn’t expecting it that soon. But feeling led to, as hard and as painful as it was, I left a relationship I had been […]