7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

Sunday, September 6th is National Fight Procrastination Day. Seriously, there is a day for just about anything! Let me just tell you, I’m a boss at procrastination. It can be a bit ridiculous & overwhelming to say the least. But I’m also all about punching some procrastination in the face! Even though National Fight Procrastination […]

How I Organize My Day

How I Organize My Day

I can’t remember when it exactly started or how it came about, but my love for organization started at a young age. I would organize my Barbies just so, line up my baby dolls in age order, & had notebooks with color coded tabs for every subject under the sun. I’d like to think that […]

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

Hello. My name is Lauren and I’m a busy coward. I consume my day, busy with so many things that have a tendency of being counterproductive. Are you going places…but not really getting anywhere? Is your time filled up with so many things but it seems like you’re not making any kind of progress? Do […]

How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

How to Completely Turn Around Your Sucky Day

We all have sucky days every now & then. I can always tell if my day is going to be sucky by what I say to God in my morning prayers. If it’s optimistic, hopeful, & loving, I’m probably going to have a pretty good day. If it’s raw, depressing, & desperate, I’m pretty sure […]

Moving Forward: One Year After a Big Breakup

Moving Forward: One Year After A Big Breakup

By no means had I planned on breaking up with him that day. I had been praying & talking to others about it, so I knew it was coming. I just wasn’t expecting it that soon. But feeling led to, as hard and as painful as it was, I left a relationship I had been […]

8 Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

8 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a camp with a group of high school students in Panama City Beach, FL. It was pretty amazing. The worship was spectacular, the speakers were spot on & it was right on the beach. It was that week that I realized that I just can’t keep up […]

How Much is Too Much? Decluttering Your Staple Items

How Much is Too Much

Little by little I’ve been trying to clean out & declutter my closet and dresser. It’s been quite revealing! The deeper I dug into my drawers and the depths of my closet, I started to realize that I have a whole lot of too much. On the surface I may look pretty organized, but just take a journey into […]

2015 Spring Bucket List

Friday, March 20th marked the first official day of Spring 2015 & what a glorious day that was in the south. The birds were chirping, squirrels were skipping, buds were blooming, the sun was shining, & the puppies were at their fluffiest! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I know every season comes with […]

4 Tools for Managing Your Finances

  Today I’m doing a link up with “Chasing The Extraordinary” blog & getting in on this March No Spending Challenge.  I recently had a pretty scary financial crisis where there was more month & bills than what was coming in my paycheck. Let me tell you, that was a huge reality check that I needed […]

Punch Your Cramps In The Face

Disclaimer: If you’re a guy, you may want to skip today’s blog post because today we’re talking about the female menstrual cycle.  From the very beginning, I’ve had really sucky cramps. Like “pretty sure I’m having legit contractions” kind of cramps. Cramps that would keep me out of school for an entire week…and not in […]