Favorite Places: Classy Finds

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | Favorite Places | Classy Finds Consignment | Suwanee, GA

You’re on Pinterest being completely inspired by all the DIY projects & cutesy crafts that flood your feed, but your dilemma is: “Where am I going to find these old things to make new again?” (And at a good price, if I might add?) People of the Atlanta area, look no further because I’ve got […]

Upcycled Bistro Chair

DIY | Upcycled Bistro Chair | Grace,Faith, & Glitter

  Can you believe my friend was going to toss this???? Yeah, I had the same reaction & whisked this beauty away before it landed into the hands of some dumpster diver! Ugh, I cringe just thinking about what might have happened if I hadn’t intervened in time. I was actually with my friend when he […]

Pin #1: Georgia on My Mind

  I used to think the place where I’ve felt most “at home” was Nashville. That’s the place where I thrived, “grew up”, went to college, have the most friends, found a church home on my own, and the list gets even longer. To be quite honest, if it wasn’t for my wedding planning job […]