Battle of the Dairy Free Options

Battle of the Dairy Free

I LOVED milk when I was younger. I drank it with pretty much every meal, drenched my cereal in it, and requested it over soda any day. Milk was my elixir of life! I loved milk so much I would take those little creamer cups of half & half  and shoot it back like it was Communion Sunday. I’m pretty sure I considered it milk as well. (I was such a weird kid!) But somewhere in between now & then something went so terribly wrong with my relationship with milk. We went from being the best of friends to worst enemies. Give me milk nowadays and you’ll be clamoring for fresh air. I’m not sure where or how the disconnect happened but milk just makes me gassy, bloated, just plain uncomfortable. It’s not pretty my friends! 

Dairy, once the love of my life, has become an abusive relationship I have a hard time leaving. I confess, I do love the occasional cheese binge & ice cream outings…when it’s happening. But the after effects remind me of why we are no long friends. Luckily there are so many dairy-free options out there today I don’t have to sacrifice too much! Last week I decided to do a bit of a milk tasting and today I want to share with you my opinions on four different dairy free options in hopes that it helps you with your quest to find your milk substitution. So, without further ado, join me for a milk tasting of the highest quality (not really…I just wanted to sound fancy!)

Cashew Milk

Battle of the Dairy Free

Light, brown & a semi thick texture. This nutty beverage was kind of bland and watery-tasting by itself. It wasn’t so good with cereal & kind of over powered it’s sweet taste. With tea, it gave a bit of an interesting, nutty taste but I wouldn’t try it again. Well…I won’t say that…maybe next time I’ll go for a sweetened, vanilla flavor. 

Soy Milk

Battle of the Dairy Free

This milk has a weird yellowish tint that looked like cereal has been sitting in it for while. But with a milk like texture, I have to admit it’s pretty close to the taste of real milk, yet a little sweeter since this is the vanilla kind! It adds a really sweet flavor to my cereal and sweetens up my tea giving it a very pleasant flavor. But I’m a bit hesitant with soy milk because of all the negative talk that’s been floating around. 

Rice Milk

Battle of the Dairy Free

It kind of looks like a bright white skim milk. The texture is thin and goes down really smooth. I bought the original flavor & it has a semi sweet taste to it. Rice milk tastes delicious with cereal, definitely bringing out the sweet flavors of my O’s. It even kept the flavor of my tea, while at the same time adding a slight creaminess to it. 

Coconut Milk

Battle of the Dairy Free

This milk is very white and light in texture, almost watery. But you can definitely taste it’s coconuttiness. I bought the vanilla flavor which adds a pleasantly sweet flavor. I do have to admit that it did have a kind of weird smell to it, though. Paired with cereal, I was pleased that it didn’t give an overly powerful sweet taste. In my tea, it did make things sweet, though a bit coconutty and creamy.

*You might be wondering why I didn’t include Almond Milk….well, that’s because I’m allergic to almonds & from the episode I had a few weeks back, I’m trying to avoid allergic reactions at all cost!

My favorite from the battle of the dairy-free options was (drum roll, please) the Rice Milk. I just love how it didn’t take away from the flavor of my tea, but still added enough creamy flavor to it. That’s very important to me. And by itself, it had a really good taste. I can see myself grabbing a cold glass of rice milk after a long, hard day. But I guess the next test would be, how does it cook??

Battle of the Dairy Free

What’s your favorite dairy-free beverages?