8 Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

8 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a camp with a group of high school students in Panama City Beach, FL. It was pretty amazing. The worship was spectacular, the speakers were spot on & it was right on the beach. It was that week that I realized that I just can’t keep up high school students! I get excited about the opportunity to to go bed at 8pm. And they’re over here at 1:30AM like, “Eh, it’s kind of early but I guess we should go to bed now to get a good night’s rest.” It was rough y’all! 

But as I spent time with today’s youth, particularly the girls, I discovered something a bit disturbing. (Well I discovered a lot of disturbing things but that’s a whole other story!) Almost every night, to entertain themselves, the girls would knock on the walls to see if the boys would knock back, prank call the boys to see how they would react, & ding dong ditch their hotel rooms. All of this while the boys are in their hotel rooms, minding their own business having the best time of their lives playing card games, having dance parties, & making up dumb games that cause bodily harm to each other. 

Their fun depended on each other and the girls’ fun depended on the boys who were probably just getting annoyed by their antics. As annoyed as I wanted to be for keeping me up way past my bedtime, I was more annoyed at the fact that they were oblivious to what they were setting themselves up for. But I remember doing the exact same thing when I was their age. Heck! As a single woman, I can think of times where I’ve thought my source of entertainment had to involve a man. But today I’m putting my foot down. I’m saying no more to the days of relying on boys to have fun. Girls, we need to be the ones having all the fun instead of worrying about boys all the time. We can have way more fun than the boys any day!! So today, I’ve come up with 8 creative ways to spend time with your girlfriends. 

Food Truck Crawl

One of my fondest memories in college was going to Sonic with a car full of my closest girlfriends. We’d spend a good two hours in the car, continuously pressing that little red button, making additional orders of tots, Cinnasnacks, slushies, and chili cheese dogs. Our poor server was so confused because she had a hard time believing that as little as we all were, we ate all that junk & kept on ordering. Those were the days!

One way you can spend time with your girlfriends is by doing a bit of a Food Truck “Crawl”. In Gwinnett County, we have Food Truck Fridays. There’s several around the county & I love to go to hang out with my friends. Unfortunately, I’m gluten free so it’s a rare day one of the gluten free trucks will make an appearance. But oh if I had the freedom, I would truck hop to my heart’s content. 

At a food truck crawl, stuff yourselves silly & don’t care about the calories. Put aside your diet for that night & challenge your girls to who can eat from the most trucks. 

Photography Adventure

Do you & your friends have really nice cameras? Don’t let them collect dust! Practice & learn from each other’s photography skills by taking your fancy cameras out on the town or in nature. Go on a hike at a state park or a historic downtown area near where you live. Enjoy each other’s company & capture the memories in the process. Though I’m no photographer, I love doing this with friends because I love being able to enjoy & experience God’s master work. 

8 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

Day of Random Acts of Kindness

My first experience with RAOK was last week & I had the best time! My heart swelled with the joy of knowing that somebody’s day had been made by a simple act of kindness. I’ve been on the receiving end of a RAOK & it’s an amazing heart-felt feeling, but being on the giving end of it is an even more amazing-er heart-felt feeling! And experiencing it with friends is the cherry on top. 

Yoga in the Park

I was doing this pretty regularly with some girlfriends during the cooler months. This is a great way to just get out and enjoy some fresh air while toning & stretching with your closest friends. Before you say it, I know some of you may be thinking “What?! Yoga in the park…in public…how awkward!” It can be awkward but my friends & I would go first thing in the morning when no one was really at the park yet; except the dedicated runners who could care less about what you’re doing. The temperature was just right & no creepers bothered us. 

Game Night at a Coffee Shop

There are some coffee shops that host their own game nights & some that don’t. Every Thursday night, a few friends & I used to go to a coffee shop nearby for their trivia nights. Those were the best times! We would have so much fun attempting to guess at random trivia facts & competing against other teams. But if your local coffee shop doesn’t host a game night, make one yourself! Round up a few of your girlfriends, bring some cards or a board game & head over to the coffee shop where every 15 minutes you can fill up on caffeine. 

8 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

Netflix Binging…Together

You know you were going to do it anyway! Why not have a few friends join in on the binge? Stock up on your favorite sweet & salty snacks. PJs or some sort of sweatpants are required. Make a whole day of watching a complete TV series & don’t feel bad about it! You’re being lazy together & that’s what makes it better. 

Google Hangout

Unfortunately, being a grown up means that your high school or college friend group has scattered near and far across the nation/world. Some of us are fortunate to keep our friendships in tact. If that’s the case for you, things can get kind of depressing when you so desperately want to hang out with your friends but they’re 11 hours away. But oh the joys of modern technology! I love doing Google Hangouts with my girlfriends every now and then. I get so emotional just being able to see their faces again. It’s really simple to set up & easily accessible especially if your friends have Gmail accounts. Schedule a Google Hangout with 2 or 10 of your girlfriends & make a date out of it. Take the time to catch up on each other’s lives & make sure you schedule the next hangout before everyone says goodbye. 

Old Fashioned Potluck Picnic

In the Spring, I planned a fun picnic with some girlfriends. It was supposed to be the perfect Spring day…but when I woke up that morning it was pouring rain. So I quickly texted all of my guests & told them to just head over to my place. We were going to have a picnic right on my living room floor. That day was one of my fondest memories. Everyone brought 2-3 dishes, we spread out on my living room floor on an old comforter I had laying around, and I even turned on a YouTube video of a serene meadow to give the effect that we were at the park! Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make for the most perfect days. Gathering around friends & food can do that for you!

8 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Your Girlfriends

What are some fun ways you spend time with your girlfriends?

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    The Girls & I spend time in the great city of Atlanta, mostly at coffee shops playing board games. I recently went on a Day Trip with a girlfriend and think I’ll do more of that in the future.
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