7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

Sunday, September 6th is National Fight Procrastination Day. Seriously, there is a day for just about anything! Let me just tell you, I’m a boss at procrastination. It can be a bit ridiculous & overwhelming to say the least. But I’m also all about punching some procrastination in the face! Even though National Fight Procrastination Day is 2 days away, why not get ahead of the game and get a head start on this awesome day of productivity. Heck, why not make a weekend out of it? Weekends can be perfect for procrastination or productivity depending on how you look at it. So today, let’s take the bull by the horns, jot down all we need to get done & make things happen this weekend. Here are 7 ways to fight procrastination this weekend:

Start with a nice cup of coffee or tea

I’ve found that I am most productive when I start my day off with a nice coup of coffee or tea. It’s just the pick me up I need to wipe away the grogginess & get my day started off well. I’ve also found that when I don’t start my day off with my caffeine I have more of a tendency to procrastinate. 

Turn on some instrumental music & get in the zone

We’ve all heard that listening to classical music helps focus the mind, but I’m just going to be honest, sometimes it just puts me to sleep! But listening to instrumental music does help get me in the zone, especially on my blog writing days. Instead of classical music, I listen to instrumental albums by some of my favorite artists like Hillsong, Bethel Music, & Kings Kaleidoscope. If I’m listening to music with words, I’m more likely to start singing along with it & lose focus. 

7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

Get an accountability partner

Use the buddy system. I’m so much more productive when I know that someone is going to be checking up on me. This weekend, grab a friend & be each other’s productivity coach. Encourage each other & allow them to motivate you. I say this because sometimes we have those friends that are a little too eager to hold you accountable & you just want to be like “Girl! If you don’t calm down & get out of my face….” But remember, it’s all out of love & you’ll be more productive because of it. 

Schedule your breaks

I know this doesn’t help for some people, but for me, scheduling breaks in between my day gives me something to look forward to. I do this especially if I have a day long t0-do list. But don’t take advantage of your breaks. It is so easy to get caught up in the relaxation. When you take a break, take a little one–grab a drink of water, watch a short show on Netflix, walk around a bit–and then get back to work! Again, this doesn’t work for everyone, but if you’re someone who needs a little break every now & then I would recommend you schedule your breaks for motivation to get things done. 

7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

Get away from your comfort zone

When I’m at home, for the most part, I’m not as productive as I want to be. I’ve learned this about myself the hard way. Oh the countless days off where I convinced myself that I would not procrastinate on my to-do list only to find myself on the couch Netflix binging the entire day. Sometimes it takes getting away from your comfort zone to get things done & that takes discipline. Go somewhere else if where you’re at is too tempting of a procrastination zone. This might mean grabbing your stuff and knocking out a few hours at a nearby coffee shop, or simply moving to a desk instead of the couch. 

Use apps for procrastinators

There are so many apps out there to help you keep focus on the task at hand. Some of my favorites include Pomodoro Pro & Forest. Both of these apps allow me to set a certain amount of time to work on something before I can take a break. I think the Forest app is my favorite because each time I make it through a timer without any distractions, a cute little tree is added to my “forest”; but if I get distracted, try to go on Facebook, or do other things on my phone, a dead tree will be planted in my forest. For a type A perfectionist, this is devastating! I’m proud to say, I have the most beautiful forest there is because I will stay as productive as possible to avoid a dead tree popping up. 

7 Ways to Fight Procrastination

Suck it up!

Let’s just get real…most of the time we need to just suck it up & do it! We can think up excuses all day, but that’s only going to put off what still needs to be done. My all time excuse is: “I’ve had such a long work week, I just need a day for myself.” But then that day turns into two & then I’m scrambling Sunday night trying to finish everything that could have gotten done over the weekend. So let’s not kid ourselves! See procrastination for what it really is, suck it up, & get to work!

Let’s #SLAY this weekend!! Add to the list. What are some ways you fight procrastination?

  • http://www.kathrynshirey.com Kathryn Shirey

    Great list! I definitely use most of these! Coffee, instrumental music (that helps me focus, but sometimes it takes some more rocking music to stir me out of procrastination), and setting deadlines are the big ones for me. May have to check out the apps, though.