7 Key Benefits of Being Single

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

I get so easily sucked into the negativity of being single….

Aww I want a boyfriend

Awww I want a husband to bring me flowers

Awwww I want a baby to snuggle with

Awwwww I want a minivan

…well maybe not the minivan, but you get the idea. 

Sometimes I keep these thoughts to myself, and sometimes I say them out loud. But heaven forbid, I say it to a wife or a mom because she’ll just tell me I’m lucky & to cherish my single years. Surprised by the fact that my eyes aren’t rolled to the back of my head at the many times I’ve rolled my eyes at that, I’ve realized that I really do need to start shifting my mindset. I’ve been shining a negative light on my singleness for too long and it’s time to start seeing where I’m at in a more positive light. 

I’m saying no more to single stinkin’ thinkin’….instead, I’m going to cherish the key benefits of being single.

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

1. I don’t have to be considerate of anyone else in my house

If I don’t feel like doing the dishes, I don’t have to. I don’t have to worry about being considerate of someone else’s things. I can get home and throw my bra wherever I please. I can get up as early & go to bed as late as I want. I could even cook chittlins if I really wanted to without anyone nagging about the smell! 

2. I am truly free to do whatever whenever

I don’t have to run my schedule by someone. When it’s time for girls night, I’m ready! I can take a job anywhere in the world, pack up my things, and leave. I can make big life decisions without having to consider someone else’s livelihood. I don’t have to search for a sitter when I want to hang out with friends. I’m free!!

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

3. I can have a quality good night’s sleep

I have no babies to wake me up in the middle of the night and I have my queen size bed all to myself. I’m free to spread as far & as wide as I please. I can have the A/C and fans blasting or crank up the heat as much as I want to ensure the perfect night’s rest. 

4. My money is mine to make & spend as I please

The money I’m making right now is mine to spend as I please. Yes, bills take most of it, but for the little I have left, I can splurge or save what I want. Statistics say that the most common arguments among married couples are those about money. I’m going to cherish the fact that right now, my money is my own & I don’t have to argue with anybody but myself about it. 

5. I’m free to sample all the flavors of the ice cream shop

Let’s be honest! If dude is looking good…It’s ok to look!! Being single, I’m free to date & have fun. I can go on a few dates with Ben one week, then move on to James the next. 

7 Key Benefits of Being Single

6. I can be on my period in peace

Maybe this is an irrational fear of mine, but I’m horrified of what it will be like with a husband while I’m PMSing & on my period. I have the worst periods. I don’t want anyone touching me. I don’t want anyone knowing I’m on my period. And I like to stay secluded during hell week. But being single, I don’t have to worry about anything because I can be on my period in peace!

7. I have more time to work on me

In this stage in life, I’m having more time to work on myself. To discover who Lauren is. To focus on my relationship with God & to really work on strengthening that. A few weeks back I shared the quote: “Stop worrying about finding the right person. Start working on becoming the right person.” And that’s exactly what I plan on doing. 

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7 Key Benefits of Being Single

I’ll be honest, sometimes this list makes me consider staying single my whole life! (And by no means am I using this list to make someone feel bad.) I still look forward to the day that I will be married & start a family. In my opinion, the benefits of marriage & a family far outweigh the benefits of singleness. But this is where God has me right now. Instead of being negative & ungrateful about it, I’m going to cherish the benefits of being single and thank God every day of it. 

What do you love about being single?