5 Ways to Spread Kindness During Controversy

DISCLAIMER: By no means am I trying to make light of all that’s going on in our world today. I’m just completely exhausted by the social media vomit that goes on every time a news story breaks. I know we can’t fix everything with a smile & a handshake, but sometimes it’s the little things that can make a small difference!

5 Ways to Spread Kindness in Controversy

The riots in Ferguson & Baltimore. The church shooting in Charleston. Debates over the Confederate Flag. The Supreme Court ruling for same sex marriages in America. Chaos, war, hatred, and division floods the news and our social media feeds on a daily basis. 

As much as I’m saddened and broken hearted by every story. I often find myself trying not to be callused by all that’s going on in our nation and our world. Everything is just so back to back, it’s hard not to get used to it and move on to the next story. Yes, my heart breaks when I hear about another child getting killed by the ones who swore to protect them. My heart mourns for the families who lay another family member down to rest due to hatred. I even burn with anger when I hear about another child getting molested by some sick pervert. 

But I choose to not spread my opinions on social media because it seems like there’s enough word vomit going on the Facebook & Twitter floor that one could slip and fall into all the mess! Most of the time, social media is the place where I find out about what’s going on in the news that day. I was at the beach during the Supreme Court ruling and had no idea what was going on until I saw that everyone’s profile pictures had turned rainbow colors. Then everything turned into a war between Christians and Non-Christians, conservative Christians and liberal Christians, the “You’re not really a Christian” Christians and the “Well, you’re not really a Christian” Christians. It was a blood bath & I wanted nothing to do with it because, let’s be honest, the temper tantrums were only going to last a few days & the world would move onto the next story. And it did. 

I have my opinions, but I’m the kind of person that would rather avoid controversy than dive head first into it. I don’t think I’ve ever debated anything a day in my life. I’m just over here like, “Look what crafty thing I just did today!” And I’m ok with that! Some might call me naive, immature, shallow, & not American. And that’s fine. 

But I’m so encouraged by the articles, stories, & posts that shed a light on the kindness that’s being spread in the midst of chaos. 

Stories like…..

A Baltimore boy giving water to policemen

This black teen protecting a white man from an angry mob

Tension and hatred surround us like a category 4 hurricane, but why not be the kindness in the eye of the hurricane that can potentially blow the whole storm away. Let’s choose to be the peace that we’re looking for in the world instead of contributing to the division & chaos. 

5 Ways to Spread Kindness During Controversy

5 Ways to Spread Kindness in Controversy

Listen and agree to disagree

The problem today is that we refuse to listen and live amongst our differences. We are never going to agree on one thing, that’s the reality of living in a fallen world. But instead of bickering back and forth, let’s choose to listen to each other with respect and agree to disagree if we don’t agree. Yeah, it can be hard when others are such jerks about it, but it’s time to swallow our pride and be the bigger person in times like this. 

Let them know you are thinking about them today

If you know someone that is affected by the situation, let them know that you’re here for them and that you’re thinking of them. Before you post that Facebook rant, think about those that are struggling with the controversy, those who are sick of people giving opinions about their situation, and who are hurting because of what’s happening. Realize that people are grieving & their healing is so much more important than getting your political views across. 

5 Ways to Spread Kindness in Controversy

Post a random happy post

Maybe this is naive & overdone, but I love the random Disney princess or happy baby post when social media is all fired up about what decision the government made. Instead of putting your two cents in the ring, spread kindness through a random happy post that has nothing to do with what’s going on. Maybe just maybe, it will make your day too!

5 Ways to Spread Kindness in Controversy


It’s the simplest thing that you can do and it could be just what someone needs today. As awkward as I am, sometimes I try to make eye contact with strangers & just give them a little smile. Some are weirded out & some, I can tell, are really appreciative of it. You never know who is having an awful day in the midst of all the chaos, but sometimes it’s the simplest smile from a stranger that can make all the difference. 

5 Ways to Spread Kindness in Controversy

Help out in any way you can

There is always an opportunity to help out. Donate to a relief fund. Join the cause. Hop on the next medical mission trip. Pray! If there’s nothing else you can do to help out, always know that you can pray & that’s an awesome way of helping out. Pray for peace, healing, unity, understanding, and resolution. There’s always something that you can do. 

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With all that’s going on in our world, I’m so convinced that Jesus is coming oh so soon! But while we wait for that one sweet day to come…. Instead of joining in the uproar, let’s spread kindness during controversy instead of making it worse!

How do you spread kindness during controversy?

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