5 Ways to Fancy-Up A Dollar (Part One)

I love giving myself a good challenge. So, this month’s challenge is to fancy up a dollar with my mad crafting skills by going to the dollar store & making those dollar store finds into something I would have paid so much more for at a Target or Home Goods. Plus what better excuse to give myself to craft, right!?

 Dollar Store Challenge

The Random Dollar Store Finds:

  1. Bamboo basket
  2. Wire wastebasket
  3. Random book
  4. Hanging basket
  5. Glass vase

This week I’ll show you what I did with the glass vase & bamboo basket. Then next week I’ll finish things up with the book, hanging basket, & wastebasket. 

For the bamboo basket, simply pick spray paint (I chose gold!) & coat that bad boy to your desired hue. Easy peasy! Nothing complicated about that, but still beautiful. 

Dollar Store Challenge

For the glass vase, you will need:

  1. Dollar Store Glass Vase
  2. Natural Jute Rope
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. Pouncer
  5. Painters Tape

Dollar Store Challenge

Here’s what you do:

  1. Wrap painter’s tape around the vase. I placed mine at an angle, but make sure that the tape is adhered securely around the vase so that no paint gets underneath
    Dollar Store Challenge
  2. Use a pouncer to apply the paint below the painters tape. I did 3 coats, but depending on what color you choose, more or less may be needed. 
    Dollar Store Challenge
  3. Once the paint is dry remove the painters tape. In the event that paint did get underneath the tape, wet a Q-tip with nail polish remover & clean up the edges. 
  4. Grab your jute rope & apply a small glue dot to hold the rope in place. Then, go to town wrapping the rope around the vase until you’re satisfied with how it looks. 
    Dollar Store Challenge
  5. Use another glue dot to adhere the end of the rope to the vase & Wa-la!! 

Dollar Store Challenge

Stay tuned next week for Part Two of “5 Ways to Fancy Up A Dollar”!!