5 Tips for Busy Cowards

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

Hello. My name is Lauren and I’m a busy coward. I consume my day, busy with so many things that have a tendency of being counterproductive. Are you going places…but not really getting anywhere? Is your time filled up with so many things but it seems like you’re not making any kind of progress? Do you keep yourself busy in order to avoid taking that huge leap of faith? Do you use the excuse, “Well I really don’t have the time for that right now”?

You, too, might be a busy coward.

I long to take my blog to the next level to make it into a real ministry & business. I see the potential. The future looks bright. I even feel called to it. But confession: I’m scared to death of what’s ahead. I’m nervous about the success and the responsibility that it will hold. I fear failure every step that I take. So I make myself look super busy to cover up the fact that fear is really holding me back from what God has in store for me. 

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

I came to this realization the other day when I was designing my day (a.k.a. making my to do list & scheduling out how the day was going to go). I looked at what I had just written down in my planner & realized I’ve got so many things on this list. But where are these things taking me? Instead of taking things to the next level, I’ve been coasting in the land of comfort wondering why I’m not seeing any results. Coasting in a land of comfort when I know good and well what I need to be doing to take things to the next level. But instead I just stay busy with the everyday tasks and avoid the bigger tasks that should take priority. 

Quite honestly, I think I’m being lazy. I know what I should be doing, but I just don’t feel like doing it. I don’t feel like doing the extra work that it takes to follow my dreams and make something of myself. But today I say no more of that! It’s time to get off my butt, take those leaps of faith, and make things happen. I’ve let fear cripple me for too long & I’ve gotten too far for it to paralyze me now! If you can relate, I’ve got 5 tips for us to shake off our labels of being busy cowards. 

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

Do it now

Let go of the beloved “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Chances are we are only going to keep putting it off further if we say we’re going to do it tomorrow. Before you even utter those words, stop yourself, suck it up, & do it now. Let’s stop making excuses & get to work. Today is the perfect day to get things done. In fact, today is all we have because tomorrow is never promised. And who knows what shenanigans could happen tomorrow. We’ll be so glad we got things done yesterday! 

Set tangible goals, write them down, & schedule them

I’ve come up with this plan & I have yet to put it into action…so I’m asking you guys to hold me accountable! For starters, let’s write down 3 goals we can accomplish within the next 3 months. Write them down and place reminders of our goals everywhere (on the bathroom mirror, framed on our desk, in our car window, on the refrigerator, as a phone lock screen, etc.) Then, let’s make a plan of action. Write down step-by-step what it’s going to take to reach our goals within these next 3 months. Jot these things down on our to-do lists & put them in our calendar so that each day we’re working towards our goals. 

5 Tips for Busy Cowards

Make big decisions

My problem is that I keep making little decisions when I need to just take leaps of faith. We need to be all in when it comes to following our dreams. We can’t go halfsies & bank on luck to get us the rest of the way. Making big decisions can be scary, but I know I have a God who’s got my back & will help me conquer whatever fear is holding me back. With God on our side, nothing is impossible! (Philippians 4:13) Make a big investment. Plan a rebrand & relaunch. Buy that domain name. Go to that conference.

Prioritize and set an order

Sometimes what keeps us so busy are the things that really shouldn’t be making it on our priority list. I often like to blame this on my OCD, but let’s be honest, that’s just another excuse! We need to learn the art of prioritizing. It’s time to eat that frog! Do the biggest, most important things first. Here’s a little video of my buddy, Brian Tracy, explaining his method, which I highly recommend!

Build a tribe

We need accountability. We’ve already proven to ourselves that we can’t do this alone. Get 2-3 trusted partners to hold you accountable for your 3 goals that you have set. Build a tribe of people that are on the same journey as you. I’ve joined a couple of professional blogger Facebook groups. It’s been so encouraging to bounce ideas off these ladies, share our struggles, & reach our goals together. We weren’t made to do things on our own. I don’t care how independent you are! It takes a village. 

What are you allowing fear to hold you back from?


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