10 Things I Didn’t See Coming In My 20s

10 Things I Didn't See Coming In My 20s

I feel like I’ve been blindsided by adulthood. So often I find myself saying, “Oh my goodness! No one told me!!” Man! Being an adult is tougher than it looks. Adulting ain’t easy! I work with teenagers and from their perspective, I’m the one that’s got it easy. And I’m like, “Oh honey! You don’t even know!” I just want to hold them tightly and dramatically whisper, “Stay young as long as you can. It’s a cruel cruel world out there.” 

Why didn’t anyone warn me?! And if they did, why didn’t anyone slap me around until I listened?? It’s crazy how many things I didn’t see coming in my 20s, but today I want to take this time to warn the younger generation to be prepared and ready. Here are 10 things I didn’t see coming in my 20s (in New Girl gifs….you’re welcome!):

Life isn’t as glamorous as you pictured it to be

I honestly thought life was going to be awesome from here on out. Life is a struggle, but it’s only when we learn how to thrive & trust God in the struggle that life begins. Realize that your life has already started, you’re just beginning a new chapter. 

Bills will suck up your paycheck faster than you can do your Payday Happy Dance

One…the government takes a bunch out of your paycheck from the get-go. Two…your bills will take the majority of your paycheck. Three…being able to live will take the rest (i.e. food, toiletries, life essentials, etc.) Learn how to budget & get in the habit of budgeting. Set good money habits early. 

The pool of worthy, eligible bachelors gets smaller as the years go by

I called my friends crazy for getting engaged and married straight out of college. But let’s be honest, the older I get, the smaller the pool of incredibly awesome, single Christian men get. #ChristianGirlProblems

Days off are few & you must use them wisely

In the real world, you can’t just decide..”Hmm I’m not going to go into work today. I’ll just take the day off for some me time.” Out of 365 days, you’re lucky to get 14 of those days off. Summer no longer pairs nicely with a 3 month vacation. As an adult, summer is just another change in seasons. 

Naps are a rare commodity

My therapist in college said that naps wouldn’t come as easy. I didn’t believe her. For some reason, I thought that I would still be able to take my hour long nap in the middle of my day. Nope. Not so much. When you have the chance to nap, take them & take them as often as you can. You never know when your next chance will be.

Your friends will scatter and grow distant

It’s surprising how quickly it can happen. It’s like you move away and things just change. I was surprised how hard you have to actually work at friendships to keep them in tact. And man, it is rough when you know it’s time to just let them go.

The “When” questions will never stop

Age 22: When are you going to get a job? Age 25: When are you going to get married? Age 27: When are you going to have kids? Age 29: When are you going get a better job? Get used to them, they never stop coming & will become a normal part of small talk!

You will become more & more like your mom/dad whether you like it or not

“Wait What? Did that just come out of my mouth?” is what will often happen when you utter those words you swore you’d never utter. It’s like I can already see the struggles I’m going to have with my own daughter because I went through them with my mom…whom I’m becoming more and more like everyday. 


Who knew?! Am I right? Why don’t they provide a class like this in college? I was convinced that taxes were just a small inconvenience one time a year so that you could get a huge paycheck from the government in April. I realized just this year that it’s also a day that the government can take a huge paycheck from you too! I’m still learning about this thing call taxes!

Life is never going to be perfect

Life is just going to get harder. You’re not going to have everything figured out at a certain age. This is your special journey that God has you on right now, embrace it & hang on tight!

I think God created the 20s to grow us, strengthen us, and mold us  into the people we are to be in our 30s, 40s, and beyond. 

What’s one thing you didn’t see coming in your 20s?

  • Katie

    oh gosh…. Found your blog through Lies Young Women Believe, and WOW…. “I feel blindsided by life” …. YUP YUP YUP!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost *all* of these are like “Oh yes, that was an unpleasant day… the day I discovered … that little… sweetheart!” LOVED it! ( and yes, I’m in my 20’s lol Everyone thinks I’m 16/17 then dies when they find out I’m 5 yrs older, so don’t let my pic fool ya lol)

    • http://www.gracefaithandglitter.com Lauren Beasley

      Hahaha I love it!! I feel you on looking younger than you are. Some older guy was trying to hit on me the other day & then I told him how old I was & he looked really surprised & slightly disappointed because he thought I was way younger. I was like “Ew you creeper, get away from me!!” lol