10 Gluten Free Foods For Surviving a Snowmaggeddon

Last week’s Winter Storm Juno broke crazy records for the northeastern region. I can’t even imagine how cold those few days must have been for the northerners, let alone just super scary. Lately, I’ve been wishing for a couple of snow days just to get a bit of at-home time, but I don’t think I would ever wish for a blizzard like that. As I watched the news, I remember seeing mile-long lines at grocery stores & empty aisles flashing on the screen just hours before the storm hit. 

It had me thinking…What if there was a huge blizzard in Atlanta & I only had a few hours to go shopping for some food before the storm hit & I was trapped in my house for days with no escaping?? Well, first of all, I’d dub that a gluten free frenzied dilemma & run to the nearest store that had a superb stock of gluten free goodies! But to make things interesting, what if I could only get 10 gluten free items to last me through the storm? 

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | 10 Gluten Free Foods | Food

All these thoughts are swarming through my head as my adrenaline is pumping at this hypothetical, highly unlikely situation. But what if?? If I was ever in that type of crazy situation, here are the 10 gluten free foods I would get to survive the Atlanta Snowmaggeddon 2015:

1. Rudi’s Multigrain Bread

2. SunButter (it’s like peanut butter, but made from sunflowers)

3. Nick’s Sticks Turkey Snack Sticks

4. Fresh fruits & veggies

5. Kettle Cooked Jalepeno Chips

6. Annie’s Gluten Free Mac & Cheese Cups

7. Costco Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

8. Costco Superfood Salad

9. Kinnikinnick Glazed Gluten Free Donuts

10. Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs

It’s not the healthiest palette, but this could just be the end of the world & there’s no time to waste on food that you won’t have fun eating! (Sorry, I’m really letting my imagination get the best of me today!) 

Grace, Faith, & Glitter | 10 Gluten Free Foods | Food

So…if you were in this situation, what would be on your list?